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I just posted this in my LJ, and now I'll post it here. It's not snow leopard related, but it is something I thought I'd bring to your attention. Perhaps I just get easily upset.

First off, I'd like to kill whoever thinks this is "conservation".

Read about that. Oh yes, we keep a wide array of you can shoot it!

This is from the FAQ page, and I quote:

"Is the hunt guaranteed?
Plains game is in good supply and hunters have a hundred percent success rate in taking their trophies of choice. Predators such as cheetah or leopard are, of course, much more elusive. However,with proper preparation there is a high probability of success."

Okay, so you lazy, rich hunter walk out with your gun, look across the plains to where a herd of kudu or somesuch are, and fire. Wow, how brave! Or you might get lucky and catch a predator. I want to see just one of these guys take down a prey animal without a gun, or better yet, a predator. But yes, this is what conservation is all about. Money, greed, and slaughter. I wouldn't have thought this way some years ago. Being brought up in Texas will do that to ya. You're taught that hunting is good, environmentalism is bad, there are no environmental problems at all really, and that gays are more evil than Hitler and must die. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Don't get me wrong, I love my state, but it's the people I don't much get along with. Sure, I can tolerate them and some I even manage to befriend, but I don't think of any of them as highly as I think of my friends on the net. Too...dead to reality. *Blinks.* I just read the info on the hunting rates page about leopard hunts.

It turns out you can purchase bait. So yeah, you throw out some meat and wait for it to come while you're in hiding. Then you shoot it. Why not just poison the meat? It's not like you're giving it a sporting chance. Perhaps this is why I so loved that story "The Most Dangerous Game". I really must re-read it someday, the entire thing. I only got the condensed version that was in our textbooks.

You preserve them to kill them. This is an oxymoron. It is all for the benefit of humans, and only a handful of selfish ones at that.

*Growls and stalks off.*
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